My movies and my interviews

Télécharger la 2ème partie de l'interview de Wladimir ZANDT sur Radio Bruxelles

2000 : my message to students, adults, teachers, journalists.

1941 : Sylvia, my "sister" interned with me in Risevaltes concentration camp.

1941 : Rivesaltes, Wladimir saved by Friedel and Celia.

1942 : 11 000 jewish children has been deported from France.

2001 : I met, for the first time, my foster jewish american Mom.

2003 : Elisabeth Eidenbenz, protestant, who saved 600 mothers and 600 babies.

2003 : Washington, Hidden Child Survivors congress, Simone VIEL-LIPMAN

2004 : I met for the first time (Zurich), my Midwife Edith in the camp.

"SNCF" french railway company,
2004: Wladimir interwiew Harriet TAMEN, New York, lawyer against the French National Railways !
Association of more than 2 000 victims : USA, Latin America, Europa...
send bills to french Governement
after SNCF convoys to Auschwitz...
so, Perla, my Mom, was a "Client" not a "Victim"
(convoy 77, 1944, july 31 from Paris-Drancy) !...

2011 :  French Governement (Nicolas Sarkozy)
70 years after the french Holocaust steal my orphan rights !

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