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My name is Wladimir Zandt, son of Perla Zandt.
All my Jewish family lived in Warsaw and immigrated to France and to American continent.

My American family survived.
My family immigrated to France have been deported by the French Vichy government.
I am the only survivor. Orphan !

I survived the largest children genocide of all humanity: 1.5 million innocent victims in 4 years! Because Jews!

I want to be a voice to speak for my brothers and sisters murdered! Because jews !
In 6 languages. 5 continents. In Holocaust Centers ! Speaker !
I discovered the assassination of Perla at the age of 13. Only ! In 1954!
All my life, France hid my origins.

Until the end I will speak of this crime against humanity!

I want that the 5 continents protect us, children! All roots and culture !

My Holocaust centers Slideshow